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If you have visited our salon in Cleveland, more than likely you received a hair consultation prior to any cut or color. Why is that? Well, because getting to know another person is the first step in beginning a successful long-term relationship.

That is why we always schedule a 15-minute complimentary hair salon consultation before starting any work on a new client. This initial meeting is essential in successfully achieving that selfie-ready new ‘do.

So let’s discuss three things to expect and prepare for when you come into the Studio Salon for your hair consultation!

Is a hair consultation really necessary? 3 things you need to know before going to a new salon. Cleveland hair consultation.

Mindreading Isn’t On The Cosmetology School Curriculum  

As talented as our stylists are, they just haven’t mastered the task of reading minds – yet. Therefore, the consultation offers you and your stylist a comfortable, low-pressure environment to become familiar with each other and discuss your goals and aspirations for the salon visit. 

The hair consultation is the perfect time to let the stylist know what you have found success with in the past, and what you haven’t been so fond of, either. If you feel some nervous pressure “on the spot”, feel free to jot down notes ahead of time on your phone! This way, you won’t forget to tell your stylist anything!

During the consultation, you can ask as many questions as you have. Even though the stylist will have prompting questions prepared, they like to alleviate any worries on your end. So, ask away! Don’t hesitate or hold back; after all, free and open communication will provide the best basis for a successful salon relationship. 

A Hair Consultation Lets You Show The Stylist Your Hair Goals

As the saying goes, “a picture is worth a thousand words.” You may want to dye your hair blond, but what does that really mean? Ashy blond? Strawberry blond? Blond highlights in the front only? Light strawberry blond? Super light strawberry blond highlights in the front only? I could go on, but you probably get the picture – no pun intended.

Prior to your salon consultation, be sure to save a few photos of a cut or color that you prefer. They can be images found online, or past photos of yourself! Don’t hesitate to bring too many – better to be more prepared than less! This will give the stylist a clear and precise idea of what you want your hair to look like. 

Is a hair consultation really necessary? 3 things you need to know before going to a new salon. Cleveland hair consultation.

A Hair Consultation Lets The Stylist Become Familiar With Your Hair

Almost as soon as you sit down in the stylist’s chair for your consultation, they will begin to feel your hair. This isn’t just because they love hair that much. No, not only is the stylist interested in how you want to style your hair, but they need to find out what is realistically possible with your hair. 

It’s true that not every type of hair can handle every cut or color. So, when a stylist feels your hair, they try to discern the health, weight, and thickness, among other things. This way, the stylist can give you practical expectations of your requested service. For example, they may determine that more bleach may damage your hair beyond repair, or that a certain cut will make for an easier “growing out” process. 

Listening attentively to the stylist’s suggestions regarding the limits of your hair may mean the difference between donning a beanie for the next six weeks, or confidently strutting-your-stuff, hair on point! 

Schedule Your FREE Hair Consultation Today

Visiting the same salon you’ve gone to since you were a preteen is like being in a relationship where you bum around in yoga pants every single weekend. Don’t get me wrong, everyone needs some good relaxation time. But eventually, you upgrade to the relationship that lets you swap out those old rags for a stunning LBD and a night on the town!

If your hair routine could use a “little black dress” action, click here to schedule a free hair consultation at our salon in Cleveland. Feel free to check out our other locations, too!

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Is a hair consultation really necessary? 3 things you need to know before going to a new salon. Cleveland hair consultation.